Logos Emerging from the Dark

A logo isn’t just an image, it is a representation of a company, and when that representation is slandered it can have a negative impact. Logo’s are the most important part of a companies image, awful looking logos can turn away possible clientele. A lot of logos produced look amazing, however, as I said before there are logos that lurk in the dark that are just awful. I bt you’re asking, how bad can a logo possibly be?

I would suggest that if you don’t want to end up on the top 15 logo fail list, you hire someone who knows what they’re doing.’


Clipart, bulky text, clashing colours, and rasterization do NOT make a good logo.


This looks like an older logo, but I’m no sure it was aesthetically pleasing in any era of time.

As designers it is our responsibility to rid the world of these eye sores. But hey, the clients always right, right?


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